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Adriano Marini was born in Rome on April 29th 1972. 

Since the age of 8 years old, initiated by his father, he has been passionately dedicated to fishing  trout sport and sea fishing.
At 14 he began practicing catch & release, at a time when the "No-Kill" philosophy was semi-unknown in Italy.
In 2015 he began to carry out the activity of fishing guide, in particular for pike, a predator in which he specializes thanks to thirty years of experience.
Pro Staff   Zeck Fishing - Old Captain - Fiiish - Geoff Anderson
Amateur photographer and videomaker, in April 2016 he made, together with his colleague Americo Rocchi, the documentary "The secrets of pike 2" , a 136-minutes feature film entirely dedicated to fishing for pike with artificial lures and to the protection of this fantastic predator.

Since 2018 he has been collaborating with ITALY ON THE FLY  company specializing in fishing trips, with numerous destinations in Italy and around the world.
He has collaborated with the magazines "Pesca Spinning", "Spinning Passione" and "Piscor Magazine", editing columns on pike fishing.

AIGUPP professional fishing guide certificate cod. ITA0108 / 21 pursuant to law 4/2013.
He is also testimonial for Alaska Boats (Aluminum Boats).

During his sports training career he obtained the certifications as an athletic trainer at the N.B.B.F. (Natural Body Building Federation) I °, II ° and III ° level and Kettlebell instructor. Master Personal Trainer N.B.B.F., Metabolic Diet Certification MDNCC by Mauro di Pasquale and the B.L.S. advanced of the Italian Red Cross.

He currently works as a fishing guide, with particular specialization on pike.

Construction, customization e  Bass-Boat maintenance and fishing boats.

Personal trainer and athletic trainer of body builders, weightlifters, boxers.

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